Amanda Lim

Amanda Lim

Amanda Lim is a photographer from Australia. Amanda Lim is specialized in , photography.

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Amanda Lim

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added on Friday, May 28th, 2010


Amanda Lim was born in 1987 in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Having been raised in a family with an oriental background, amanda's art and aesthetic has been strongly influenced by her upbringing. As a child, she enjoyed drawing and painting. Her interest in art was recognised at a young age, winning gold in a local chinese brush calligraphy competition.

Shortly after, Amanda began to experiment her creativity through the lens of a camera. During high school her arts teacher offered to lend Amanda the school's DSLR, and encouraged her to enter work in competitions. Amanda's first recognition was winning the Human Rights Equal & Opportunity Commissions photography competition. She was also highly commended by Ilford and won some local photography awards that year.

Amanda saved up enough to purchase her own camera in 2007 and pursued photography. Within a relatively short amount of time, Amanda's work has achieved some well deserved recognition within the industry. She has won a few national and international prestigious photographic awards and will continue gaining recognition in the future time.

For Amanda, her artwork is about the journey of her self discovery. It's about expressing her personality and conveying her uniqueness as an artist. She uses photography to tell stories and escape from reality; the realm of her imagination.

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