Angela Marklew

Angela Marklew

Angela Marklew is a photographer from Canada. Angela Marklew is specialized in , , , photography.

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Angela Marklew

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added on Sunday, August 16th, 2009


“I am a firm believer in playing with your food” – A. Marklew

Angela Marklew is a Canadian scientist-turned-photographer obsessed with road trips and what people eat for dinner. She’s flipped her car ten times, fallen off a motorcycle, and used to test explosives for the government.

Exposed to the photographic process in her teens she quickly became personally invested in the artistic opportunities it provided. However, as with most creative instructions offered in public school, this one was quickly taken from her before she was fully able to realize its potential. As time went on, she followed a dual path (chemistry and photography), now using her knowledge in chemistry as a foundation for her artistic endeavors. Fascinated by the process that resulted in an image materializing on a page, she quickly moved to alternative and historical methods to produce images – in particular, finding a number of creative opportunities available utilizing Polaroid film.

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