Frank Herfort

Frank Herfort

Frank Herfort is a photographer from Germany. Frank Herfort is specialized in , , , , photography.

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Frank Herfort

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added on Thursday, April 5th, 2012


Frank Herfort, a young German photographer, who lives and works in Russia and Germany, spent his youth in Leipzig before the wall broken down.

Comical creations full of surprises, strange collection of objects, entities and things: the mystery and juxtapositions blur and blend the lines of the composition is the main topic of his photography. Emerging out if these fabricated fantasies are elements of mystery, which draw in the viewer and engage the imagination. His style is influenced by social realism , which seems to be made up by banal details. Urban areas are captured in their vast dimensions. At a first quick glance this appears to be a simply frank, straightforward and clear reflection of ‘reality’. A longer reception reveals that this depiction can be seen as ironic, questioning and hyper-real.

During his time as a photography student at Hamburg art school he continuously assisted different photographers. In addition, he worked as an assistant and freelancer in London while he participated in a scholarship programme. Flexibility, diligence, conscientiousness and clarity are his strengths while dealing with clients. Over the years, he acquired a range of different photography awards.

His photographic expertise lies in the fields of people, architecture, interior and combinations of these.

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