Joseph Rene Briscoe

Joseph Rene Briscoe

Joseph Rene Briscoe is a photographer from USA. Joseph Rene Briscoe is specialized in , , , , photography.

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Joseph Rene Briscoe

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added on Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Born and raised on Galveston Island, Joseph fell in love with art and photography at an early age. Studied at Sam Houston State University, as well as Brooks Institute of Photography, before working in the commercial side of photography.

He has had the opportunity to work along side(and learn from) David LaChapelle, Mark Seliger, Todd Eberle, Craig McDean, Steven Klein, as well as many other amazing photographers in the industry. Raised to appreciate the little things in life, to take nothing for granted, to take nothing personal, and to take nothing too serious.

While photographing people he loves to make a connection with the individual's persona and show how he thinks their personality looks... Whatever the project, at the end of it all to him the object is to make amazing imagery, and make people feel good about how you've portrayed them in the photographs. He loves life and makes every moment worthwhile.

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