Morten Bjarnhof

Morten Bjarnhof

Morten Bjarnhof is a photographer from Denmark. Morten Bjarnhof is specialized in , , , , photography.

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Morten Bjarnhof

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added on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012


Morten Bjarnhof creates rooms of presence. His photos are invitations to step inside, take part or loose oneself. There are no empty postulates, and in a world of purchased and paid for, it makes all the difference.

"I always try to keep the light as it is. If I must use artificial light, I will make it look as if it fell through a door or a window. It is an old and journalistic habit of a kind, to add nothing and make a loyal account. Let you motif breathe and give reality a chance to shine through."

Bjarnhof was born 1951 north of Copenhagen into a family of Danish and Norwegian writers, painters and sculptors. Early in his career, he became an established name in editorial and commercial lifestyle fashion photography, which has led to a succession of jobs for brands such as Diesel, Gant, H&M, Ecco, B&O, Jan Ahlgren, MBZ, BMW, Henri Lloyd, etc.

"You should never forget that your picture has a job to do. Fashion or advertising, there is always someone in the wings with a precise and rational ambition. The trick is to avoid the obvious and predictable. Never attempt to arrange a scenery or squeeze an entire plot into a single photograph."

Morten Bjarnhof is represented by ARTIST & AGENCY.

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