Nelson Chaves

Nelson Chaves

Nelson Chaves is a photographer from USA. Nelson Chaves is specialized in , , photography.

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Nelson Chaves

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added on Monday, May 10th, 2010


Artist Statement
Known for his faultless lighting, Nelson Chaves creates elegant, contemporary images. Each is perfect in displaying emotion and revealing beauty. Chaves’s commitment to replicating these criteria enable him to portray your product or concept in a uniquely expressive way unmatched by others. He is adept at creating black and white or color images and uses a discerning eye in post production.

Nelson Chaves Jr. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Former Marine, served the United States Marine Corps for four and a half years at the rank of Sergeant. He did two tours of duty; one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

A graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

A fashion and advertising photographer. His clients enjoy the peace of mind when working with him and have fun with the experience of his photography and the production.

Nelson is a calm and fun person to work with and very confident in what he does.

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