Stan Musilek

Stan Musilek

Stan Musilek is a photographer from USA. Stan Musilek is specialized in , , , photography.

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Stan Musilek

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added on Saturday, August 13th, 2011


Born in Prague (before Prague was cool) / makes dark room in mother’s pantry / gets grounded / photographs neighbor’s dog (relentlessly) / family flees czechoslovakia / becomes german / college in heidelberg / studies mathematics / realizes photography can be sexier than math / assists / shoots naked girls / forgets math ever existed / shoots jumbo jets / over assisting / becomes american / wins men's ncaa soccer championship / starves / parties / works ass off / strange year-long motorcycle trip to the tip of south america and back / opens studio in san francisco / shoots first apple imac / shoots porcupines / shoots fashion / shoots still life / advertising / editorial / first to embrace digital post / wins awards / opens 2nd studio in paris / befriends art directors (especially those that like shooting in paris) / kicks their ass in tennis / makes clients laugh / makes great work / the phone keeps ringing / hello?

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