Thomas Kettner

Thomas Kettner

Thomas Kettner is a photographer from Germany. Thomas Kettner is specialized in , , , , photography.

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Thomas Kettner

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added on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009


It´s a symbiosis between technical craftmanship and artistic creativity that features Thomas Kettner to be an exceptional photographer. His deep aesthetic sensation, his permanent innovative ideas, originated mostly in more than adventurous missions, enliven his pictures, to make them distinctively unmistakeable and give them their very special esprit.

Raised in South Africa, now living back in Germany, he always kept his love for the black continent. It always draws him back for his photoshoots, even though he made his name on all continents purviewing fashion, beauty, people, journalism and experimental photography.

Beyond that he also dedicates himself to be assigned as a honorary member of the board in the BFF, most likely the most designated photographers confederation of Europe in Germany, as well as a documentary photographer for the doctors of the third world.

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